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About is a micro web site, with a total size of 300kb, created by a software engineer who, nowadays, has no job (if you would like to change this awful situation and hire him, you can contact him here). does not store other web sites' icons in its server, it simply gives a easy way to find them, when the access to the icons is public from their servers.


How it works? pages are programmed on Perl, and its image handling is made by the GD library, which is available with any current Perl distribution.

For .ico files handling, floIcon library is used. floIcon is a PHP class made by Joshua Hatfield - which allows to read any image within a .ico file, converts it to a PHP image resource and save these resources in a new .ico file. Furthermore, in his web site, you can find further technical information about how the windows icons files work.

Although doesn't offer explicit support for BMP images, it is able to handle them thanks to the JPEXS library - . It allows to read and write .bmp files. In his web site you can find more libraries to handle other image formats which are not supported by PHP natively.


Accessibility worries about making internet useable by everybody and, because of this, all its pages are made following the W3C guidelines, in order to make them accessible. Here you can see all the tests passed by



Thank you very much for using this web application. If you liked it, tell everybody about!. If you have any doubt, suggestion or complaint, do not hesitate to tell me here.

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